What features do I get with Martial Arts Management?

Student Records – Name, Address, Email, Mobile, Last Grade Date, Current Grade,  Date Joined, Insurance Renew Date, Next of Kin, Medical Info, Monthly Fee.

Member Login in – Member can update their own details and shop online.

Register – You or your students can register students for attendance. Keeps track of lessons students have attended.

Classes / Group assigning. 

Member Shop – Powered by “Opencart” eCommerce software. Sell to your members equipment, competition fees, special lessons, gradings and even virtual products. The shop can be also be linked / embedded to your existing website, free of charge where possible.

Your own TO DO list – The software automatically ceates you a “to do” list. Things you need to do yourself. You can also add to your own items. It then emails it to you everyday ! No escaping from your chores and no forgetting to order that yellow belt in size 320.

History – A list of all comunication, events, payments can be stored for each member.

Communication – Send Texts to all members, expired members, trial members or specific classes or groups.

Marketing – Send Texts and Emails to all members, expired members, trial members or specific classes or groups.

GoCardless – Integrates with GoCardless showing each students payments. Students can sign up on one of your plans within the app. (You just need your own Go-Cardless account)

Integration – Copy and paste snippets to add to your website to handle new members and enquiries.

Automation – Sends Emails on Membership / insurance renewal, sends Emails on Birthdays.

Reports, vital information and statistics.

Just added, a Capacity report so you can keep a close eye on class sizes due to Covid etc. You can set your own maximum class sizes and compare numbers who are assigned to that class.

Easy Set up – Send your student list by CSV, Excel or even paper copies and we will transfer everything for you.

Help and Advice – Help and advice is always free, even the phone number is free! 0800 999 7790

Our software is cloud based, so it works on any device conntected to the internet through a web browser. From smart phones, tablets, laptops, PC and Mac. We reccomend a tablet sized device or bigger device to make it easier.

We also can supply kiosk stands for people to book in to your classes.

Levels of subscription


Students – 25 limit

Student Shop – No

GoCardless – Yes

£10 per month


Students – 100 limit

Student Shop – Yes

GoCardless – Yes

£20 per month


Students – 500

Student Shop – Yes

GoCardless – Yes

DIY WordPress Website and hosting

£30 per month


FREE until lessons return to inside training!

“Whilst the Martial Arts Industry is in a state of lockdown, you can use our software for free until the government allows any kind of indoor training.” 

Texts and Emails

Sending Emails is free!

Sending Texts is going to cost you, but not alot. MAM has done a deal with a SMS text delivery service to enable you to send a message to everyone in your MAM student record all in one go!

You could send SMS texts to just your enquiries, or just your fight team etc

Texts cost as low as £0.049 each.

So if you have 30 members and send one text a week (120 texts a month), it can cost you less than £1.35 a week. Hardly breaking the bank.


How do I pay?

We use GoCardless to take payments. You get your first month Free. (or see special offer above)

You pay for your texts by buying a bundle.

250 Texts are £15.95 (£0.0638 each)

500 Texts are £ £29.95(£0.0599 each)

1000 Texts are £54.95 (£0.055 each)

5000 Texts are £245.00 (£0.049 each)

10000 Texts are PAO

We dont tie you in with contracts, cancel anytime. We can even give you all your student data back FOC! No hard feelings.

If your membership increases and you go over your student allowance, you will be automatically moved up to the next level of Subscription. We will of course send you a message to make sure you are aware.

A little bit extra?

As web developers (and martial artists) we can design your website and create an online shopping cart for all the extras you sell. 

Its a fully managed service and starts from £10 a month with a low deposit.

Need a demo?

We can show you a demo of MAM when ever you want. If you need to book a demo just email Simon at hello@martialarts.management